The backstabbers who got backstabbed: Maharashtra political crisis

The backstabbers who got backstabbed: Maharashtra political crisis

Who would have thought what Shiv Sena did to BJP after the 2019 elections would have been the same for Shiv Sena after 2.5 years?

Power and politics can change the mind of a person within seconds and this is what led to the toppling of the 21 years old coalition between BjP and Shiv Sena back in 2019 after the assembly election.


Meanwhile, the govt. of MVA in Maharashtra formed in 2019 and somehow it was difficult for Shiv Sena MLAs to work with a party that has a different ideology. Shiv Sena and Congress were poles apart in terms of their ideology and forming govt. with them and running it was getting difficult for ShivSena MLAs with each passing day.


The rebel MLAs are not something that came out in a day and revolted against the MVA it was getting built up in terms of fund disbursement to MLAs, and problems in getting access to CMO Maharashtra. The inner wound of Shiv Sena MLAs was getting worse with each passing day in government and a day came when it was so fast that more than 40 MLAs revolted against their own party. This was the first time in Indian politics that MLAs revolted against their own party. 

The pressure was unbearable to work with MVA with members like Nawab Malik and with a party with a totally different ideology.  Govt. will be formed but with a different mindset and ideology. 

Keeping all these aside one thing is for sure the crisis came for one and opportunity for another.