What Is A Lockdown? How does it affect us?

What Is A Lockdown? How does it affect us?

As coronavirus takes a toll over India, the central and state authorities are working attentively to help stop the spread of deadly virus and curb the spread. As per latest government data, COVID-19 has affected over 415 people in the country, killing seven. The Indian Centre for Medical Research (ICMR) has maintained that the virus is still in phase 2 of transmission, which means there are no traces of local transmission yet. Taking further actions, central and state governments have decided to lock down 80 districts from where COVID-19 cases have been reported to break the chain of transmission. Several states, including West Bengal, Kerala, Haryana, UP, Uttarakhand,Maharashtra and Bihar announced partial or complete lockdowns for different timelines. Nagaland said it will impose an indefinite lockdown from midnight on Sunday. 

So, what will this lockdown be? And how it affects our lives? Let's take a look

A lockdown is an emergency protocol that prevents people from leaving a given area. A full lockdown will mean you are confined to the place where you stay and not exit or enter a building or the given area. This scenario usually allows for essential supplies, pharmacies,grocery stores, and banks to continue to serve the people. All trivial activities remain shut for the entire period. Important activities include buying groceries and medical supplies, going to doctor and going on a walk on a condition that you are following social distancing. If you work for an essential service, you will not need to cling to these restrictions. Most major cities in the country have ordered private companies to let employees work from home. All offices will remain shut or work with minimal staff till the end of the lockdown period. The central and several state governments have announced relief packages for daily-wage earners and other temporary workers and also asked everyone to not to cut wages of daily earners such as maids, house cleaning staffs etc. Emergency services, like hospitals and pharmacies, do not shut off and work as usual. Grocery stores, as well as malls which have such stores within it, will remain open. Stocks might be low, since transport services will be heavily cramped. If anyone caught breaking the rules, could be punished with simple imprisonment for a term that may extend up to one month or with a fine which may extend to Rs 200, or with both.

India, at this moment, is not under complete lockdown. Rail, intercity bus services have been suspended throughout the country,  severe travel limitations have been imposed on some states, and public places have been shut following many essential actions have been undertaken across states.

Stay Indoors, Stay Safe!


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