Patna Metro Foundation Day

Patna Metro Foundation Day
Patna Metro

After all the talks and speculations, Patna is finally going to have a metro in the city. Looks like a great deal but it is sure going to take years to come up. However, it gives a feeling of excitement to have a metro in the city here. The thought of how easy the commute system will become, is itself relieving.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid the foundation of the much-awaited project. The project will take an estimated 5 years for completion with more than 13 thousand crores of funding. In a statement the government said, around 26 lakhs of Patnaites are expected to get benefit from the project directly or indirectly.

The corridor is supposed to connect densely populated areas of the city like Raja Bazar, High court, Secretariat, Patna Junction among many other areas. The project got approved in November and Nitish Kumar thanked the Minister of State of Housing and Urban Affairs and the Prime Minister for the nod.

As a Patna resident, wishing the five years to get away soon!

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