Signs that you are a quiet person

Signs that you are a quiet person
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Are you one of those quiet persons, who always get awkward in meeting new people and ignored over during parties? Well, here is the one for you. It is ok to be quiet, it is ok to find yourself a corner in the crowd. It is just perfectly normal to not be able to strike a conversation or not being able to pull off a blind date. Who will listen if everybody will talk, right? There got to be listeners in the world too.

  1. People confuse you with either being dumb or unfriendly. A person can just speak less and not be unfriendly. But judgments come their own way.

  2. You face a lot of ‘Oh, you speak so less’ compliments. Speaking without stopping is just not you, you prefer listening to the other person and in return, you end up with such compliments. Well, ok.

  3. You believe in being selectively social. You are comfortable with your own set of people and spending quality time with them is perfectly fine with you, but when asked to socialize with a new set of people, you refrain.

  4. Crowded places are stressful. You freak out in such situations and escape to a much silent place, where you don’t have to fake a smile for others. You cannot wait to get back home and recharge yourself.

  5. You observe a lot. The one who speaks less, observes more. The activities of people and their behavior towards each other, nothing gets unnoticed. Watch yourself in front of a quiet person, he/she might be making plans to murder you right away.

  6. You stay away from cheesy conversations. Guys who use cheesy pickup lines need to stay away. You can’t stand such conversations, it makes you awkward and needs for some fresh air.

  7. You are usually never bored. The definition of being busy or enjoying yourself is quite different. You enjoy reading a book, being involved with yourself, or maybe planning your future in your head.

  8. Trust is not just another feeling for you. It is not easy for you to have complete trust in people. You take your own time in observing, judging and re-observing. It takes its own time, walks in like a tortoise.

  9. You feel comfortable in writing. When it comes to public speaking, you get conscious. Speaking is not your cup of tea, you can write and make the world look up to you. You find solace in writing.

  10. You judge people for good. Judging is a therapy, you like to observe people and judge them with all your heart. The best part is you keep all of it inside your brain, it makes you happy.


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