Wearing glasses is a pain!

Wearing glasses is a pain!
Wearing glasses is a pain

As a kid, we all have tried our parent’s glasses once and thought of getting a pair of it. Little did we know it would stick to our lives like fevicol. Love them or hate them, you have to deal with them unless you get contact lenses or a laser treatment done. Here are a few things every person with glasses will relate to.

  1. Adjusting them all day long: You develop this habit of adjusting the glass on your nose very often. It is a real pain when you are sweating, they will slip off the nose whatever you do. There is nothing you can do about it, other than adjusting.
  2. Sleeping while working or studying is not your thing: All of us must have broken at least one pair of glasses by sleeping in abrupt positions. You can only dream about sleeping peacefully without worrying about the glasses.
  3. Rainy season gives you an unwanted car window like feeling: Now that the rainy season has kicked in, be ready to get your vision hazed. Or getting a wiper attached to the glasses is a good idea too. Think about it!
  4. Glasses make you safe: Now that you have your glasses on, you are indifferent to someone throwing mirchi powder at you. Your eyes are protected from the dust and sudden attacks on you.
  5. Annoying nicknames: There are numerous names given to you, thanks to the glasses. But you find them cool. No offense to the people who find it annoying.
  6. 3D films are struggling: It is hell of a task to adjust your 3D glass on the real glass. Kudos to all those people who successfully keep them at a place for three straight hours. 
  7. You can sleep in the boring lecture: Glasses give you the liberty to sleep during those boring lectures without getting noticed. Also, two-minute silence for the people who could never ace the skill.
  8. Putting on the makeup: The saddest part of a girl’s life is to put eye make-up under glasses. If you could skip any one of them, life would have been much simpler and sorted.
  9. People asking to try your glasses: Sharing your glass with people who want to try your specs for that one minute, is a real pain. Like Why? ‘Why do you have to try our glass, go to a showroom and try as much you want!’ Duh!
  10. Selecting the right frame: Get the frame that suits your face! But what will suit my face? Maybe no glass, but there you sacrifice that thought and do the toughest task of selecting the best looking pair from the pool of glasses.


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