Unnati – A Conclave for Change

Unnati – A Conclave for Change

Unnati 2019

What comes up to your mind with the word conclave? Probably a big set up organized by a media house, with the creamy class of people around and a designated set of people being invited. Understanding the need of bringing the culture to more fore-front and giving the mass an impartial chance to interact with dignitaries from all segments, we at Social Mela decided to organize a conclave, open for all. This is how Unnati – A Conclave for Change happened.   

The theme of the conclave moved around societal change through the eyes and minds of social workers and influencers. Our primary audience had been school and college students who wish to work for the society and bring change. The guest speakers we had on our stage varied from media expert to social worker, from senior BJP activist to social entrepreneur and from village mukhiya to Maths professor. Talking about the revolutions they have brought into the society, the major goal had been to motivate the youth for positive upliftment of the society. The response we received while and after the conclave was tremendous and the grounding for Unnati 2019 is going at the back end, soon to be out.

2019 being a ballot year, need some political awareness. To talk about the agendas of election 2019, the conclave will see a panel of political guests discussing their roles and responsibilities. It is set to give an opportunity to all the young minds to share their political hopes and opinions with the guests. The conclave is a mix of entertainment and political debates, not to miss out on anything.

Here is the list of our guest speakers of Unnati 2018.

Minati Chaklanavis – Media Expertise
Gurmeet Singh – Social Worker
Abhijeet Kashyap – BJP activist and Social Worker
Ritu Jaiswal – Mukhiya of Singhwahini Panchayat
Prof. K.C. Sinha – Maths Professor

RJ Umang - Radio Partner, Red FM


There is something for everyone in the bucket. Be an audience and get a chance to interact with the political leaders. Join us as a volunteer and get to enhance your leadership and managerial skills. 

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