Celebrating Mother's Day by P.A.G.C. Foundation

Celebrating Mother's Day by P.A.G.C. Foundation

Celebrating Mother’s Day for the happiness of your mother is something we all do but have we ever celebrated the day for someone else’s mother? Sounds unusual, but here I bring to you such a story which is going to inspire you in many ways.

P.A.G.C. Foundation is an NGO working towards the upliftment of women and towards encouraging them to be as strong as they are. On the occasion of Mother’s day, the organisation celebrated the third edition of its annual event सलोNI. The theme for this year was: "Celebrating the essence of Womanhood: The joy of being a Mother.”

The event saw around 100 audiences and was marked by the presence of several notable speakers who varied from fields like Medicine, Civil Service, Artists, Environmentalists, Social Workers, Educationists, etc. Most of them were female speakers who were also felicitated in recognition of their contribution to their respective fields of work.

The speakers and chief guests shared their hardships of being a successful mother, together with a few tips on how to be the best mother a child can expect them to be. The distinguished guests also focussed on the need to educate the boys both socially and morally.

The speakers felicitated were:

Abha Chaudhary: Education

Mrs. Soma Anand: Theatre and Painting

Mrs. Enakshi Dey Biswas: Arts, Theatre & Dance

Mrs. Naina Jha: PR and Communications

Mrs. Rashmi Jha: Social Work

Dr. Binda Singh: Mental health & awareness

Mrs. Bhavna Shekhar: Literature

Mrs. Deepika Kriti: Writing & Painting, Artist.

Mr. Kumar Deepak: Environmentalist, United Nations.

RJ Shweta Surbhi: Radio Jockey

Shaista Anjum: Social Worker, Poet

Zeenat Sheikh: Facebook blogger

The organisation has been working for women’s rights since 2014. They work primarily in the field of Women Empowerment and provide legal and medical help to rape victims, mental health patients, child abuse survivors, and other destitute women.

Kudos to the team, keep doing more such noble works!


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