Another Controversy for Vivek Oberoi

Another Controversy for Vivek Oberoi
Vivek Oberoi

Looks like Vivek Oberoi has created some serious trouble for himself. Yet another discussion has ensued after Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi shared a meme on his Twitter handle. Vivek had drawn a sly comparison between the poll results and Aishwarya Rai's personal life.

Right after his tweet on Monday afternoon, he has torn apart on Twitter for unnecessarily degrading a woman. Making derogatory comments on a woman or dragging a minor kid into all such mockery is something not-so-cool. Chairperson of National Commission for Women, Rekha Sharma has also called Vivek's tweet disgusting and distasteful. NCW has also issued a legal notice against Mr. Oberoi for his tweet and demanding an explanation for the same. Many including actor Sonam Kapoor, sportsperson Jwala Gutta, and various politicians criticized the actor.

Some people are calling him a "Looser"; some are calling it a mere publicity stunt. Well, only Mr. Oberoi can give an answer to that.

 Contrary to that, there are also a few people who think that if a cartoonist would have shared the same, people would have just laughed. Many people are defending him on the issue and urging him not to apologize.








In his response to the controversy, Vivek Oberoi said that he had not done anything wrong and also claimed that since 10 years he has been working for women empowerment. The actor went on to say that people are making a "huge issue out of it". By far there has been no reaction of Aishwarya Rai or her spokesperson on the controversy. However, on Tuesday morning, Mr. Oberoi deleted that post and has apologized for the same.

All such incidents leave us with a question, "Has Decorum taken a back seat on social platforms??"

Often we see people making fun of others on social platforms but we need to understand that there is a very fine line between mockery and maligning anyone. And especially when the person is a public figure, then it is his or her utmost duty to use social media platforms wisely. With the large platforms awarded to those 'blessed' with fame, celebrities are afforded the unique opportunity to truly make a difference for their audience and to be a good influence.

Coming back to Mr. Oberoi’s controversy, after his apology, all this may end soon.

Blog by Kritika Kashyap. 


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