8 Things every girl should do before Marriage

8 Things every girl should do before Marriage
Things every girl should do before Marriage

Meeting your life goals and reaching the milestones has somehow made all of us too busy with life. Till the moment you get time for yourself, you find your family honking for marriage. While you are busy matching kundali, we were busy discovering what are the other milestones every girl should achieve before their bridal day. You might never get a chance to enjoy yourself once you get into marriage, so girls, get out, set yourself free and let the world do the talking. The key is not to lose yourself in the moment, but have all the fun you can have.

  1. Discover yourself: Before hitting the marriage line, you must have explored yourself to the core. Once tied with the family you might not get time to spend on your self-discovery. It is the time you must find out who you are, what you want and how you want your life to be. Meet new people, make friends, take decisions and learn from them.
  2. Be independent: It is high time you pay your own bills and make your own decisions. Feel the essence of life in all terms. Feel the joy of spending your own cash. Live your life on your terms and let people never make a bad decision for you. Let life treat you while you keep the spirits high and demanding.
  3. Go on solo trips: Well, this is something every girl would want to do once in a lifetime, and what could be a better time that pre-marriage solo trips. Sounds awesome, right? Going to a new place, living by yourself, wandering without restrictions, making new friends and learning new lessons. The key is obviously not to lose yourself in the process but to reconnect with yourself.
  4. Date and have relationships: A life without dates and relationships is a life that will make you regret in your 40s. Live the moment, admire people and celebrate love. Find someone you like, love someone you find perfect and never give yourself a chance a say, ’I wish I had done this’. You might find the perfect match for you in the process or just learn to love yourself first.
  5. Flush the negativity: You are a grown-up, you know what to clinch on and what not to embrace. Flush out the negativity you have in your life and make plans to slay. This goes without saying but yes, you need to dumb people who give you undesired vibes.
  6. Face your fear: Everyone is afraid of something in life and facing that one thing gives you confidence and self-reliability. Be proud of doing it and feel the level of confidence in your heart. Be it scuba diving or riding a bike or daring to confess to your crush.
  7. Follow your passion: For some time in life, give up on your job and follow your passion. Do what you love, get connected with your hobbies and skill. You will find peace in what you have chosen. Give yourself a month from your life and cherish it for the lifetime.
  8. Be extravagant: Well, not always but for some time you can spend lavishly on yourself. Pamper your existence before you get married. Spend on good clothes and good food, because you can and you should.

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