‘Nobody could match her enthusiasm, energy’: 62-year-old woman treks Agasthyarkoodam peak.

‘Nobody could match her enthusiasm, energy’: 62-year-old woman treks Agasthyarkoodam peak.

Adventure and hiking aren’t something you generally associate with old people. Even if they are physically fit you don’t expect a sexagenarian to go mountain climbing and trekking. However, a 62-year-old woman has defied the conventions of age as she went on to scale Agasthyarkoodam peak, one of the highest peaks of Sahyadri mountain range, in Kerala.A video of Nagaratnamma doing rope climbing with ease while wearing a saree is being lauded on Instagram. According to the caption of the post, she went rope climbing on February 16 along with her son and his friends from Bangalore. This was her first trip outside Karnataka, it said.The caption of the video said the woman had been busy for the last 40 years after her marriage as she had family responsibilities. Now, with her children all grown up and settled, she could pursue her dreams.“Nobody could match her enthusiasm and energy. It was one of the most motivating and enriching experiences for all those who watched her climb,” the caption further said.The 62-year-old woman was on her trip outside her home state of Karnataka.The caption also added that Nagaratnamma had been unable to fulfill her dreams since she had been busy with family responsibilities for over four decades.Now, she was hoping to pursue all her wishes since her children had grown up and had their own lives.The post also praised Nagaratnamma for her enthusiasm, and called her an inspiration for everyone who went on the trek with her.

The video prompted a slew of reactions on social media, with many people being impressed by the 62-year-old woman. Several individuals posted hearts and clapping emojis to show their appreciation.This is not the only case from Kerala which has shown that age is no barrier to accomplish any task. Last year, Kuttiyamma, a 104-year-old woman, scored 89% in a literacy test in the state.Many people including state education minister, V Sivankutty, hailed the woman’s achievements and called her an inspiration.In another recent case, a 72-year-old woman was seen ziplining in a park in Kerala’s Palakkad.

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