Are you entering in the month alone?

Are you entering in the month alone?
Valentine's day

Oh, February!

It is already February and we all have broken our new year resolutions to get carried away with life. Little did we know, February will knock on the doors so soon. We all had our own set of plans and whoop, January just slipped away. Keeping up with the resolutions is one hell of a task and it leaves me wondering if anyone could ever keep them on for more than a month.

Now that February is here, most of us would not like to walk into the month alone. But is there anything a single can do other than dating someone? Yes! Keeping all those singles in mind, we have listed out a few interesting to do things in this love month other than getting envious and desirous.

  1. Host an all singles party: This is the most interesting thing you will ever do on Valentine’s day. Get all singles under the roof and rock the floor. singles party
  2. Share the love: Send gifts and cakes to all your loved ones, family and friends. The joy of giving is the most eternal of all. Experience once and learn forever.
  3. Watch romantic movies: It is the romantic moth, so why not treat yourself with some romantic fantasies. 28 days 28 movies, you will find yourself getting bored with the idea of romance. That’s the trick!
  4. Work on your self-growth: What can be better than working on your self-enhancement and not giving damns to valentine eve. You are going to realize it later in your life and thank us for the good thing we did.
  5. Go to a cheesy date: Well, who doesn’t have an admirer! You just have to find him/her at the right time and right place. Go on a cheesy date and laugh your lungs out on how cheesy it went.
  6. Create a ‘We hate valentine month’ group: This is another interesting and adventurous tip. Find a group of people with similar wavelength for the V-day. Create a group and make sure it is notorious.

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