World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), 10th September

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), 10th September
world suicide Prevention Day

World Sucide Prevention day, Organized by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP). WHO has been co-sponsor of this day. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness around the globe that suicide can be prevented.
Every 40 seconds someone does suicide according to the data by World Health Organization (WHO). That’s about 800,000 people worldwide every year — although some calculations put that number closer to 1 million.
Suicide is the leading cause of death for people of the "15 to 29" age group and for every suicide that results in death, there are as many as 40 attempted suicides.
There are an average of 123 suicides each day in this country, second leading for 25-34 age group, and third leading for  15-24 age group.


Suicide is a major preventable cause of premature death which is influenced by psycho-social, cultural and environmental risk factors that can be prevented through worldwide responses that address these main risk factors.
The observance of World Suicide Prevention Day seeks to highlight that through the adoption of a multilevel and cohesive approach, each individual can work towards suicide prevention. Even the smallest members of society can play a massive role, through initiating conversation, educating oneself and others about the causes and warning signs of suicide. Perhaps most importantly, even the simplest gestures of compassion can help in saving a life.