Let's Support the Women in Blue

Let's Support the Women in Blue
Women's cricket team of India

There was a time when women's cricket was considered to be futile when broadcasters were reluctant to telecast matches when their success was not paid any heed by the public of even their own country. In India, cricket is considered to be a male dominant game. We live in a country where people have a huge craze for cricket, even a 5 years old child is familiar with the name of Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli. However, we rarely get to see someone talking about Mithali Raj, Smriti Mandhana and Jhulan Goswami who represents the women’s cricket team of India. Interestingly, the Indian women's team played their first World Cup in the year 1973, two years before the Indian men’s team did. But unfortunately, the women’s side struggled to enjoy the same success path as the latter one.

It’s easier to say that the BCCI is not taking much interest in the development strategies of women's cricket. But the basic problem is that we are living in a kind of society, where young girls are not encouraged to play cricket. The local sports bodies should persuade girls to show some interest and participate in the games from the beginning. Right from the school level, the authorities should motivate girls and organize regular inter-school cricket tournaments, talent hunt initiatives, etc.

In the past, we all have seen the potential of the Indian Women's cricket team to perform well at the global level. The kind of tenacity they showed throughout the tournament of World Cup 2017 had made the entire nation proud. From the time when women's cricket came under the patronage of BCCI, facilities are regulated to a larger extent.

The Indian media should also take responsibility to make women's cricket popular among the audiences. If they talk about Virat Kohli’s extremity and Rohit Sharma’s weak point, then why don’t they centralize our Women’s team with the same enthusiasm? Maybe we are not aware of our sisters because of our media system.

We choose to look up to heroes but we must not forget that a perfect heroine can cook up a perfect act too.


Blog by Shreya Kakkar

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