ICC into action over Dhoni’s patriotism.

ICC into action over Dhoni’s patriotism.
MS Dhoni, the former Indian captain

The Cricket World Cup 2019 has just inaugurated and soon after India played its first match against South Africa, a controversy took the attention of millions of people. The matter is over MS Dhoni wearing wicket-keeping gloves bearing an insignia of the Indian Army escalates.

  The controversy actually began when ICC asked BCCI to instruct the former Indian captain to remove the sign from his keeping gloves as it was found to be against the rules and regulations of ICC which states that players can’t sport any commercial, religious or military logo. In no time, the matter took over the entire Indian media and people started debating over the issue. The chief of CoA (Committee of Administrators), Vinod Rai soon released a statement and backed MS Dhoni by saying, ”Dhoni is one of the most respected members of the Indian squad and is also an honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the Parachute Regiment of Indian Territorial Army.” He also added, “The insignia spotted in his gloves was actually a dagger and not the official logo of Para commandos (also known as ‘Balidaan badge’). It was not an official order issued by the ICC but only a piece of advice made to the BCCI to remove the logo.”


Pakistani Minister showed his frustration on Twitter:

On the other hand, Pakistan’s federal minister for science & technology put up a tweet to express his opinion on the matter and further criticized Indian media for debating over it. In his tweet he wrote, “Dhoni is in England to play cricket, not for Mahabharata, what an idiotic debate in Indian media, a section of Indian media is so obsessed with the war that they should be sent to Syria, Afghanistan or Rwanda as mercenaries.”

 His remark is questionable as he’s a responsible minister of Pakistani Government and the entire controversy is irrelevant to his course.


Public’s eye on the upcoming game:

 India is set to play his next match against Australia and BCCI will be sending Rahul Johri to London before the game to meet the senior ICC officials and speak regarding the issue. However, all eyes would be on MS Dhoni. Does he walk into the ground with or without the controversial logo on his gloves?

Blog by - Shivam Jha


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