India rocked the World bloggers award 2019 at Cannes

India rocked the World bloggers award 2019 at Cannes
Indian bloggers: Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchalani and Gaurav Chaudhary

Just after the wrap up of the grand, magnificent and globally celebrated carnival, the Cannes film festival in France, the first edition of the World bloggers award was held on 24th May 2019. Venue for the award felicitation was seen to be the same as that of the Cannes film festival that is Hotel Martinez.
Around 200 bloggers all across the countries had participated in the contest, 50 out of which were selected as the finalists. It was a joy to behold for Indians when three from the nation bagged the titles! Bhuvan Bam won the title of Global entertainer of the year 2019, Ashish Chanchalani for the Best comedy influencer and our very known 'tech guru' Gaurav Chaudhary for the Best technical influencer. They made the nation proud by their significant remark, skillful and creative influence at such a global level.

The finalists were shortlisted by a very minute analyzation of the account history of each participant and evaluating their achievements in a different category. The criteria of selection involved- The number of followers, quality and authenticity of their posts, genuineness of the influencers, fans engagement and influence ability according to the qualitative analysis of their comments box.
The head of the jury, Jacques Oliver Broner who is a pioneering brand consultant responsible for many campaigns said -" I Must Admit That Indian Influencers Are Impressive, And The Proximity They Have With Their Fans Is Exemplary. WBA Could Develop Specific Events For India Very Soon, Where There Is So Much Digital Talent." Also, the founder of the World Bloggers Award, Maria Grazhina Chaplin added that
“just a few years ago, many business people did not have an understanding of who are bloggers and what is blogging. At the same time, the popularity of blogs was growing exponentially. Remember when Kim Kardashian went missing offline for three days and the world lost its mind? Bloggers have become real influencers with several advantages over conventional celebrities. They don’t have complex brand histories and are more flexible with their availability and budgets.”
The words of the jury panel denote how the world of bloggers has emerged gradually and the crucial presence that they have built within the audiences. The world of bloggers has turned into a fierce competition and India is nowhere less, we've made a remarkable appearance of our skills and potential worldwide. No doubt our emerging blogger's industry would give many more chances to make the nation proud and turn the world's head around!

Blog by - Ayushi Mishra

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