Reminiscing School Memories

Reminiscing School Memories
Best days of our lives

The schooling phase is undoubtedly the best phase of life. School is the best place where we learn new things, make lifelong friends, and unforgettable memories.Those were the days where there were no tension of anything or any other work pressure.

Even while writing this, I feel nostalgic for those days are still treasures for me.

Here are some of those things that makes us nostalgic about a very special moments of our lives…

  •   Covering our notebook with brown paper

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We all loved doing this part of covering our notebook with brown paper at the start of each school year.

I still remember, how I used to ask my brother to hold the tape and give me tape strips one by one. Literally we used to enjoy doing it.

  • Packing your caryons, pencil box

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Do you remember how exicted you were to get your caryons, colour pencils, and other items to school. We usually remember the physical objects, but what’s more special is the feeling associated with them- owning something tangible for the first time, using them to the fullest and more.


  • Forgetting the homework

I can assure you that many of you have forgotten to complete your homework.

The common excuse that I used to give was “I wasn’t able to understand all the questions” or I forgot to bring my notebook.

What all excuses you used to give to your teacher when you used to forget doing your homework.


  • Lunch time

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Lunch time was used to be the best part of the day. No, not because of the food but, it was a break from all those  classes and a chance to hang out with your besties.


  • PT classes

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PT classes were more like pseudo- punisnishment hours for not wearing proper white keds or the prescribed sportswear, but still you rememberd for the gossips and chit chatting than the games played.


  • Exam result

You know what our whole class used to peep out from the classroom doors again and again so as to check that pile of white sheets in teachers hands.

We always used to pray to God espically when the paper didn’t go well that “ God please fulfil my wish that mam should forget the papers in her house so that we don’t get it”.

All these memories of school life period are surely the treasure to cherish for the rest of our lives. Whenever we reminisce, its never about the grades or tests rather than its all about those times and memories that you spent with your best budies.

We seriously miss those days badly .


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