Bihar Art Needs A Revival

Bihar Art Needs A Revival

Bihar is a state, known for its various arts and cultures where painting dominates a larger part of its traditions. The art not only depicts the social structure but also the cultural identity of the land with its depictions of religion, love, and fertility. Bihar has two famous paintings: Madhubani painting, also known as Mithila, and Angika painting, also known as Mansuja.

The street walls of Patna that were once covered with bills and paan-stains turned into canvases for the artist. The idea was to cover the walls with wall-art all around the city with Mithila paintings on it. This evoked enthusiasm in the artists of the city. Patna Municipal Corporation hired students from all over Bihar to decorate the streets. For the first six months, the art was well preserved, maintained and used to promote rich diversity and tourism. But now, after a couple of years, it seems like the city is no more ready to show love towards this art. The paintings are being demolished in all the different ways in various parts of the city. Be it spitting over the walls to piling up garbage near the painting, or using the area as a public toilet, the city is upsetting the artist every other day.


To make the city look like an artist’s canvas, the youth took part in a large number for these street painting projects, but they had to struggle a lot to get paid, and most of the artists have yet to receive payment from the officials. Khushboo, student of art college Patna says, “We have worked very hard to make these arts in the town. Even though we got late payment from the officials, our emotion is connected with the painting that we have made. We feel very sad to see our work in this condition. If the government pays and gives us resources to maintain, I and my team would love to do that.” Contradicting to the everyday scenario, the city turns into a beautiful place as soon as a VIP Visit is scheduled. The walls get cleaned, the garbage is removed and every other nook and corner shines brighter than anything. The artists of the city want the government to show the same level of respect and care towards the art for 365 days.

Bihar should use this art on a vast scale to promote tourism and become a dominant state in tourism as this place has a lot of abilities to be one of them.

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- Sunny Anand