Know Bihar on Bihar Diwas!

Know Bihar on Bihar Diwas!

Bihar is the epitome of art and culture. There is so much in the soil of Bihar, it holds significance in the lives of us all. From the famous Bihar cuisine to the art and culture, from the Chhatt festival to being the birthplace of Aryabhata, Bihar is a blend of beauty and culture.

  1. Buddha and Jainism origin: Bihar is the origin of the two biggest religions, Buddhism and Jainism. It was only after being prominent in Bihar, that it was spread out in other parts of the country. 
  2. World’s oldest university: Bihar is the holding place of the world’s oldest university in Nalanda. The university holds a pool of knowledge, with 9 million manuscripts. It was set on fire by the Mulmuk Dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate under Bhakhtiyar Khilji, and it took three months to burn into ashes. 
  3. Aryabhata: Bihar is the birthplace of the most celebrated mathematician of the world, Aryabhata. He gave us some major mathematics rules like the trigonometric rule, the nine planets theory, and the concept of zero. 
  4. A holy place for Sikhs: Bihar holds one of the holiest places of Sikhism, Harimandir Takht. It is the birthplace of the tenth guru, Guru Gobind Singh. 
  5. IAS producer: Bihar produces a large number of IAS officers every year. None other states have produced as many as Bihar. The state is popular for its knowledge and hard work. 
  6. The cuisine: Bihar’s cuisine is famous all over. From litti chokha to thekua to khaja, everything from Bihar’s plate is celebrated and loved. 
  7. Largest cattle fair: The Sonepur Mela held in Bihar is Asia’s largest cattle fair. It is organized during the post-harvest season of paddy and elephants are the main center of attraction in the Fair. 
  8. Bihar culture: Bihar’s culture is rich and diverse. The Chath festival of Bihar is highly celebrated and the holiest festival of all. It is celebrated to worship the Sun and Chathi Maiya. 
  9. Greatest emperors: Bihar is home to some great emperors, like Chandragupta Maurya, Samudragupta, Vikramaditya, and Ashoka the Great were from Bihar. We have read about them in our history books. 
  10. India’s largest Stupa: Bihar has India’s largest stupa in the Champaran district. The Kesaria Stupa has a lofty brick mound capped by a solid brick tower. It has a height of about 104”. 


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