Violence breaks out after Nupur Sharma's comment on Prophet

Violence breaks out after Nupur Sharma's comment on Prophet

Protest against BJP politician Nupur Sharma comment on prophet Muhammad. The violence turned havoc all over the country.  People from the Muslim community throw stones at police personnel in states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab, Telangana and Jharkhand. The protest creates a massive disturbance. Damaging public and state property and blocked roads in different parts of the city.  Several cities turned down and the government had to declare a curfew. 

A massive curfew and disturbance took place at Delhi’s Jama Masjid after the Friday prayer. The police took legal action against those who attended the protest. The same situation was hurdled in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj. Meanwhile, in Jharkhand capital Ranchi, the protesters set the vehicle on fire and vandalised various government properties. 

The biggest problem is the mindset. Recently, in Jammu Kashmir, several Hindu civilians were killed by terrorists for the reason that they are supporting Hindu communities. And a large number of temples were vandalised As per Home Ministry data, 36 temples bore the brunt of communal violence in 1986, 8 in 1988, 12 in 1989, and 8 in 1990, totalling 64 temples. Five temples were attacked in 1991, and 24 in 1992 and the situation is still going on.


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