Is Online Dating a Blessing or a Curse?

Is Online Dating a Blessing or a Curse?
Online Dating

The digital world that we live in now, has brought so many changes. That it’s no longer a surprise for our generation.

The internet serves as a way to get in touch with the world, but getting in touch with someone you feel is a blessing to you, but you guys are barred by distance, it is really painful. Now let's talk about online dating being a threat. Deceptions are now a common commodity on the internet. People find it hard to trust strangers or even give them a chance at all. The act of putting up nice pictures on their profile picture, looking stunning, beautiful, or handsome, and putting up some catchy words on their profile just to draw attention is now so common.

 Guys are known to be sweet talkers, most especially online and it seems like most girls are now used to it making it look like a random anthem or treating them like a joke. Girls, you really can’t blame those niggers on your Dm that want to get in touch with you. I know what always comes to your mind is that they are junk scum who are after what is under the skirt. The same goes for guys. see a girl online and get in touch with her, but you notice she is full of deceit and trying to use you or play you. Most girls, especially the beautiful ones, mostly use guys to pass time. That is why they hardly believe any word from a beautiful girl.

Now, talking about online dating being a blessing, seriously there is nothing as beautiful as the word “Blessing”. It is called a plus in every aspect it appears. The whole thing of meeting someone online, even with the distance barrier, this person is willing to listen to you, and appreciate your personality and idea of how you see the world. Accepting this kind of a person into your life though some conflicts do come up, the will and effort of never letting go are being shared equally and balanced, giving you guys an edge over all those issues and overcoming them.

They’ve been instances where people meet the wrong person who either duped them, some become victims of sexual predators and stalkers. While on the positive side; Others happily got married and have children.

My question now is, should online dating be scrapped totally or left alone? Or, People should still use the app to find love despite some of the treats.

What do you think about online dating?

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