Apple's new launch worth your penny?

Apple's new launch worth your penny?
Apple ipod Touch 7

Apple launched its 'iPod touch 7' on 28th May with a boost in performance, it wasn't expected but here it is after four long years.

Exteriorly, it feels exactly the same as the older version, the same feel in hand with same back designs and buttons. The packaging is also old school, old classic and the only iPhone model which comes with a fake screen still.


With no premium-feeling, it's almost the same as the iPod touch 6. The display comes with a 4 inch LCD screen, with not so much high quality.


Performances have been a step up with the A10 Fusion chip, which is now in most of the Apple devices. With augmented reality and gaming at its heart, it has a far better graphics and massive difference in speed almost 2X faster w.r.tolder ones. It comes with iOS 12 and can be upgraded to iOS13. Many applications that weren't supported earlier can work in this upgrade. New improved features include ARKit, Group FaceTime, arcade and Apple music.


The camera comes alike the older versions, 8MP rear camera with an f/2.4 aperture camera which is a big no accordingly 2019. It also features handy optimization such as Auto Image Stabilisation and HDR. It can record video in 1080p HD, with 3x zoom and 120fps slow motion. The tiny selfie camera above the screen has a 1.2-megapixel resolution, an f/2.2 aperture, and can record video in 720p.


The battery is built-in rechargeable lithium-ion with a music playback time of 40 hours and video for 8 hours. Tiny battery with tiny usage can be charged super-fast.

The same six colors are available, including space gray, silver, gold, blue, pink, and (PRODUCT)RED in support of the Global Fund. Price is too high, $399 for 256 GB variant; $299 for 128 GB variant and $199 for 32 GB variant.

Price and positioning provide no value to the product. We are living in 2019 and what will we do with a 1.2MP front camera and such 1 GB RAM. It's a pretty expensive deal. It also lacks a Touch ID sensor which is a great lacking area. Makers suggest that this is for gaming, isn't it so that what gaming experience we can achieve in the 4-inch display.

The overall verdict says that it's totally a waste of money. We can get a much better and bigger display within the same price range. These are for people who prefer wired earphones, listen to songs too much and are fond of Apple products.

Blog by:- Annu Priya


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