Awadhesh Dubey AKA salesman of the year arrested!

Awadhesh Dubey AKA salesman of the year arrested!
Awadhesh Dubey arrested.

Who isn’t aware of Awadhesh Dubey from Valsad, an internet sensation and the guy whose video got viral during previous days. Selling is an art; a charismatic salesman is a one who can sell you even sand in the deserts. Meet Awadhesh Dubey, a funny, quirky and a prodigy toy seller in trains of Gujarat whose style of selling not only mesmerizes but also leaves us amazed. Everyone resides in his bag, starting from Narendra Modi to Barack Obama, he makes everyone awed using his strong and unique punchlines.

Awadhesh, himself says ‘Naam hai Awadhesh Dubey, do-chaar ko idhar hi le doobe’. One of his 6 minutes video got viral, made by a passenger, in which he does incredible comedy along with selling 4-5 items too. Awadhesh seems to be known as Modi’s fan and criticizes Congress in his joking manner. He plays so remarkably with punchlines that anyone will get appealed, “Aapka, khelta hai to hamara khata hai”; “Aurat or ladies me fark hai, angrezi ar hindi ka”; “Jio ka data ar Sonia ka beta... (dono bas manoranjan ke kam aate hai)” , “Vijay Malya , kisi ko v nai diya” and many more. With vast fame over social media, his art of comedy caught the eyes of many big production houses. Accompanied by punchlines focusing directly on issues, some users even said that he can replace Sunil Grover in Kapil Sharma’s show. 

But, often social media fame can leave you devastated. Inconsolably he got arrested by protection forces for selling toys without a licensed vendor permit on Surat station by RPF. The viral videos were gaining immense popularity and fame, it reached a great number of audiences. According to the rules, selling any item in train without proper permit is a crime. The officials had to take a step against it and consequently Awadhesh was been arrested for 10 days with a fine of Rs.3500.
Awadhesh is back to his home, after filing the fine. According to him the cause behind legal charges and winding up of business was entirely the media. At present, he is jobless and searching for new ways of livelihood. Everything at the moment, is a game of media. Media can get you unparalleled fame whereas on the contrary, it can even make your livelihood objectionable.

Blog by:- Annu Priya

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