10 Things To Know About The New Strain Of COVID-19

10 Things To Know About The New Strain Of COVID-19
  1. The B.11.529 variant has 50 mutations overall, including more than 30 on the spike protein alone.

  1. Researchers are still trying to confirm whether this makes it more transmissible or lethal than other variants.

  1. There are also 10 mutations on the receptor-binding domain part of the variant, compared to two for the Delta variant.

  1. There is speculation on the variant’s origin, but it may have evolved from a single patient.

  2. First identified in South Africa, the strain has spread to nearby countries including Botswana, where fully vaccinated people have been infected.

  3. Two cases have been detected in Hong Kong- from travelers from South Africa were isolated in separate rooms.

  4. Because the patients were in separate rooms, there is concern this variant is airborne.

  5. “This variant has serious public health implications in view of recently relaxed visa restrictions and opening up of international travel,” the Indian health ministry said.

  6. The United Kingdom and Israel have stopped flights from South Africa, Botswana, and four other African nations.

  7. The World Health Organization has called for caution in the initial stages of dealing with this variant; more research needs to be conducted to understand how it behaves, WHO said. 


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