Are You Up For The #TrashTag Challenge ?

Are You Up For The #TrashTag Challenge ?
Trashtag challenge going viral

Yet another challenge is taking the internet by storm. No, it is not about Kiki and is unlike the Mannequin Challenge. The #TrashTag challenge inspires people to pick up the garbage and post pictures of the area after cleaning it.

The challenge and hashtag was on the internet since 2015, when an outdoor enthusiast cum activist Steven Reinhold vowed to collect 100 pieces of trash during one of his trips. From there, he pitched the “#TrashTag Project” to outfitting company UCO Gear, a company he was an ambassador of.

Recently in March 2019, the challenge paced over the internet and Instagram and Facebook users can’t keep calm. The positive challenge is encouraging people to pick up litter in public places to make the world a cleaner and better place to live.

The challenge has inspired many users to go out of their way and post the before and after pictures of a place which they have worked on like beaches, public parks and forests.

The challenge asks people to take a photo of any area, which according to them needs help, i.e., cleaning, then take another picture of what they have done about it and post it under the hashtag, ”#TrashTag”.

People on social media began tweeting and posting their accomplishments and we hope this challenge picks up steam in every area. After all, humans have their own ways of protecting mother nature.

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