Aamir Khan turns 54! Know him better.

Aamir Khan turns 54! Know him better.
Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan turns 54 today. He has emerged as one of the fines actors in the B-town together with being a youth icon. The ace actor believes in using his own abilities and strengths to work towards the betterment of life and career. His success story is by large accompanied by his early life struggles that go unnoticed. On this special day, let us get to know more about his struggling days before the onset of a superstar.

  1. Aamir’s family was hugely in debt, because of which he used to always be worried about his studies. The production house of his father, Tahir Hussain, didn’t really work well.  
  2. He acted in two films as a child artist under the production banner of his uncle, Nasir Hussain. The movie Yadoon Ki Baraat released in 1973 continues to be one of the most remembered movies of the year.
  3. Aamir Khan was more interested in sports than studies. He has represented his school in lawn tennis at the state level.
  4. At the age of 16, Aamir worked for a 40-minute silent film, without the notice of his parents as they wanted him to focus on his studies and become a doctor or an engineer. The film, Paranoia was co-produced by his friend Aditya Bhattacharya. 
  5. His first feature film was Holi, where his role went nearly unnoticed.
  6. A turning came into the career of the actor with the movie, Qayamat se Qayamat Tak, in 1988. The movie earned him the National Film Award and became a big hit.
  7. Fir the movie QSQT (Qayamat se Qayamat Tak), Aamir and Raj Zutshi, teamed up for the promotional activities. They put up posters on the buses and walls and told people that he himself was the hero of the film.
  8. Not all of his films were hit, but this did not deter him from his firm belief and hard work.
  9. He started to work as a director with the movie Lagan in 2001. His other production Taren Zameen Par in 2007, won him the Best Director award.
  10. He made an impact on the Indian society through his serial “Satyamev Jayte’. He interacted with the public and shared motivational stories.

He is one such actor who has handled success with poise and care. Social Mela wishes him a very happy 54th Birthday.


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