Sleep better! Happy World Sleep Day!

Sleep better! Happy World Sleep Day!
World Sleep Day

Sleeping tight and peacefully is just as important and a good diet and exercise for a healthy body. On the day of World Sleep Day, we will share a few dos and don’ts for a sound sleep. Today is the day celebrated for sound sleep and to discuss the important sleep issues and problems. One-third of the people suffering from sleep disorder admit to their case and seek professional help, others tend to ignore. More than 35% of the people all over feel that they do not get sufficient sleep required for their body. This leads to serious health issues and impacts the wellbeing of the body. Look at the below points to get adequate sleep and be healthy, both physically and mentally.

  1. Sleep for at least 6-8 hours daily.
  2. Keep your bedroom clean, fresh and dark. Let some fresh air pass through the room if possible. Ensure the best environment for your room.
  3. Choose your mattress wisely. It should neither be extremely hard or soft, should not be saggy, but give your back a good hold.
  4. Use a thin pillow to support your neck. The thick ones won’t give you the right posture for sleep.
  5. Be careful before choosing your head support. It is essential to be comfortable in bed.
  6. People who sleep less tend to eat more. To keep a check at your fats, develop a good sleeping habit.
  7. Don’t go to sleep with a stressful mind. Try calming yourself before you go to bed. Practice some stretching asanas or deep breathing before bed.
  8. Don’t have an irregular sleeping time. Fix a time and follow that.  
  9. Take good care of your eating habits. Have a balanced diet, stay low on caffeine and alcohol.
  10. Lessen your screen time. Avoid using a laptop, mobile phones or desktops just before sleeping.

Happy World Sleep Day! May all of you sleep more and be less lazy.  


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