Targeted killing in Kashmir!

Targeted killing in Kashmir!

Since 1990 terrorists targeted to kill the innocent Kashmiri Hindus. On Thursday, thousands of Kashmiri pundits were seen protesting the targeted killing of Hindus. Forcing the citizens to leave Kashmir,  or transform the religion to Muslim. There is a long list of killed civilians in Kashmir and more tragedic that many innocent lost their lives in a horrifying disaster.  The traumatic incident makes us shocked. Recently, on Thursday,  a bank employee, Vijay Kumar, from the western Indian bank was fatally shot dead in Kashmir for the reason that he belongs to the Hindu community. It's like killing in Kashmir mostly in Hindu communities is like a tradition for them.

There are nearly 4000 migrant Kashmiri Hindu employees enlisted under the prime minister's special package rehabilitation package, and thousands of Hindu employers from Jammu volunteered under the Schedule Caste (SC) quota and posted in the Valley. as  Kashmiri employers are threatened to leave the state. The targeted killing are happening since October 2021 and still, it continued. Another Kashmir Pandit employee living in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district said a simple knock on the door of their house in the evening causes panic as they fear the worst. “We spend sleepless nights under such situations but the government is making us false assurance.  

October 5th, 7th, 17th of 2021 and in the year 2022 April 4th,13th,  May 12th  17th. These are the dates when civilians were killed by the terrorists and this is still rising on Tuesday a female teacher from samba district from Jammu enlisted under SC quota was shot dead by terrorists in Kulgam and another victim on Thursday a bank manager who was from Rajasthan was killed in similar circumstances in the same district. Around 2,50,000 Kashmiri pundits left the state for the reason of a sharp rising in killing in Kashmir and attacks on their homes and shops. 


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