In Bihar 200cr losses during Agneepath protest

In Bihar 200cr losses during Agneepath protest

491 trains burnt against the government Agneepath scheme for armed forced recruitment.  on Friday and Saturday, there was widespread violence across India. In the last four days, they were seen intentionally targeting government and public property by damaging or burning the vehicles, trains, showrooms and many government properties. Vandalism has damaged platforms and other services offered by railways. Various technical tools and computers were burnt and destroyed.

According to the regional manager of the Danapur rail division, the four days of protest have led to a loss of  Rs 200 cr of the railways.

Prabhat Kumar told ANI that the losses include fifty coaches and five engines that were completely burnt and went out of service. 

"I think there is a need to further strengthen the Railways Act and we will take action on this so that railway property can be further protected," Vaishnav said. 

Currently, those who are found guilty of damaging the railways are charged under section 151 of the  Indian railway act which has the provision for seven years of imprisonment.

"We have to understand that the Railways is your own property and it provides service to that section which cannot afford flights and where no flight services exist," Vaishnav said.

Patna DM Chandrashekhar Singh said an FIR was filed against 170 people, out of whom 46 were arrested for vandalism at Danapur railway station.


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