Are you a crazy sports fan too? Here's what you should keep in mind.

Are you a crazy sports fan too? Here's what you should keep in mind.
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 You too must be fond of some sports right? Well, sports has been very dear to almost everybody all across the world. The heed and exuberance that people show towards it, is magnificent. But what gets worse is when people surrender the whole of their emotional stability to the sport or the sportsperson in particular. Records have a mixed bag of incidents where fans lost their lives either of a heart attack while watching their ideal fail or some fighting bloodshed in name of fanship.
Recently, the world witnessed the enormous cricket season of the year, ICC Worldcup 2019 at Wales. And no surprise but the matches were worth biting nails!
It was the day when India faced defeat against New Zealand in the semis. Srikanta Maity, a cycle shop owner was watching the match on his phone and collapsed suddenly after Dhoni's run out. 

He was rushed to the clinic by the ones around, later taken care of. Also, In Odisha's Kalahandi district, another cricket fan attempted suicide by consuming pesticide the same day. 
The hurt doesn't stick here to the defeat in semis, it continued in the finals too, When New Zealand all-rounder Jimmy Neesham was facing Jofra Archer in Super Over of ICC World Cup 2019 final, his high school coach David Gordon passed away.

We all know that in a sport, you either win or you lose. You can definitely have the grandest of winning celebrations but what comes to notice and importance is how you handle the defeat? Being crazy over a game isn't wrong but we gotta be sensible too. They say fans are the support system of the players but what would the players do if they have such a fragile support system that collapses after each of their defeat? 
Fans are the army to their sport ideals and for the same reason, they gotta be strong, bold, sensible and harmonised so as to kick the spirit back! So, what kinda army do we need a fragile one or the bold one?? 

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