Patna's Youth Adda For Food & Fun: The Boring Cafe

Patna's Youth Adda For Food & Fun: The Boring Cafe

Cafes are the favorite place to hang out nowadays. The craze of cafes is more popular among the youths. From throwing a birthday party to a casual get-together they prefer cafes to be their favorite destination. And why not after all the cafe is pocket-friendly. They get best in the least. In today's article, we will be introducing you to a cafe that is best for you to hang out. 

I am talking about The Boring Cafe located in Boring Road, Patna. While talking to the manager about the ambiance of this place, he said that the tagline of The Boring Cafe says ‘Boredom is a Myth’. They believe it is not just the food, which makes you love outing and spending precious time alone or in a group. So while sticking to the idea, they ensure that their guests don’t get bored while waiting for the food. TBC regularly organizes some social events to engage people. They also have a few sessions where you could have conversations across tables, along with this you get to play your music or just listen to the playlist which has been developed with a lot of inputs. Also, you can often witness live music sessions on weekends by one of the best bands in the town. Or you could just challenge your friend in a chess game while they make your food ready, and end the game by having all the time in the world.

You will love this place. The ambiance, service, food everything is perfect in its way. The dining venue of the boring cafe is a beautiful setup with space for seating its dine-in guests. This restaurant offers takeaway and speedy doorstep delivery services too. The staff here are attentive and prompt at service, ensuring customers are served well. TBC is also a popular hangout for hosting birthday parties. If we talk about the varieties that are being served at TBC, they serve Lebanese, Italian, Spanish, Bihari, or from north and southern parts of the country. They also have a concept of the dynamic menu, where you could customize your options over combo dishes. They also update the menu twice or thrice a year, so that you get to know what is trendy.

When we interviewed the owner of The Boring Cafe about his entrepreneurial journey he said that being a Bihari at the core of his heart, he always wanted to have a setup in Bihar, where he could bring in our experiences from across the globe and try to offer a fusion of different culinary traditions. After spending 25 years of his life outside Bihar, with a prospect of booming metro culture in the city, it was high time to open something like “The Boring Cafe” to offer people experiences along with authentic dishes tantalizing their taste buds. While interviewing him about the thought that motivated him for this startup he said that there was always a feeling of the gap between demand and supply for authentic global cuisines in the city. Two-tier cities like Patna needed to come up with eateries that could offer dishes meeting international standards. The foundation of The Boring Cafe was laid in March 2019 and they opened the gates for their guests in September 2019. TBC ensures that the service they are offering is authentic. So they have got chefs from across India who have the right amount of expertise in their field. Here at “The Boring Café, they not only offer the food but also an experience which makes you love them more.


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