Keep Up With Your Makeup All Day Long. Here’s how?

Keep Up With Your Makeup All Day Long. Here’s how?
Applying makeup is not an easy task. Baking has never been easy either. Spending ages in applying makeup and then looking into the mirror at a horrible raccoon eyed person can make you cry. If granted a wish, makeup enthusiasts would ask that their makeup last all day long but now you don’t have to wait for Aladin to come over. That flawless air brush look that we’ve always dreamt of is just a few steps away. Make sure you keep a proper time in your hands before jumping into your makeup because it’s a lengthy process and after every process you will need to wait for five minutes. So if you think that you can be late for your classes and still rock it like a dive, you may be mistaken. Just a few simple steps and changes in your daily makeup routine can give you beautifully long-lasting look. So, today we’d be mentioning some short tips in order to make your makeup last. Here’s how :

1. Prepare your skin:

Make your makeup last by preparing your skin. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise using products that are meant for your skin type.

2. Prime it up:

Primers are necessary to give your foundation a smooth finish. Use a good primer.

3. Use a good brand:

You can not take risks with your skin. Use a foundation or base, which promises to last long.

4. Setting is important:

You may or may not know but a translucent setting powder is very important to give you a matte appearance.

5. Take your time:

As I already mentioned above, take your time applying makeup. Don’t rush or else they won’t get time to settle into the skin.

6. Tie up your hair:

You must be thinking what has makeup got to do with hair but let me tell you that when your hair brush against your face, they take off your makeup a little faster.

7. Use a setting spray:

This is one of the most important things in making your makeup last all day long. A good branded makeup setting spray is all you need to keep your makeup at place.

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