10 Things to Do In Corona virus Lock down

10 Things to Do In Corona virus Lock down
Things To Do In Corona virus Lockdown

In a matter of a few weeks, there’s a total change in the lifestyle of many people, be it positive or negative. People who have never done work from home, are doing it now, or people who never got time for themselves or their family and friends are able to give time to their loved ones.

There’s no doubt that lock down is a blessing in disguise. Many people have been complaining about their tight schedule, and now if you have some free time, it's time to utilize it in a productive manner. 
Here’s a listicle of things you can do this lock down and can possibly make your boring quarantine, a fun and productive lock down.

1) Talk to nature
For all the plant lovers, this is an ideal time to grow one. As a matter of fact, gardening is also known as one of the ways to relax and de-stress yourself.

2) Binge-watch your favorite movies/series
Stuck at home? Quarantine is the best time to binge watch all your long pending movies/series.

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3) Exercise/ Yoga
Most of the people who blame their busy schedule for not being able to exercise, here you have ample time to look after your health.

4) Learn a skill
Make this quarantine productive by learning a new skill like reading, writing, language or building your communication skill.

5) Clean and Organize
Be it your wardrobe, room or house, pull out a duster and start cleaning and organizing.

6) Talk to your family and friends
Many people blame their hectic schedule for not being able to spend time with their loved ones. Here’s ample time to chit-chat with your loved ones.

7) Listen to podcast
There are many podcast applications and websites for iOS and android. Choose your genre, close your eyes and listen to podcasts with full concentration.

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8) Read, Read and Read
Do you have a long pending book because of the lack of time? Well, this is the best time to catch up on some reading. Find yourself a super cozy corner in your home and immerse yourself in your favorite books.

9) Stay Safe
It is very important for each one of us to stay safe and positive. Take care of your health and most importantly stay inside. Be positive, it is very important to take care of your mental, and physical health.

10) Stay Inside, Stay Positive and Sanitize.

Guest Author : Devishi Sachdeva

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