KK will continue to live through his eternal music

KK will continue to live through his eternal music

This is so heartbreaking that our beloved KK is no more but his memory and songs never die. He was the most versatile and gifted singer for 3 decades. We as 90s kids are grown up listening to his songs. His melodious voice keeps us enthralling. I remember those days when I used to listen to his songs for example, zara sa, labon ko, kya mujhe pyar hai, etc. also, whenever listening to his songs it makes me nostalgic. These songs were released a decade ago we literally were kids at that time. But it feels like “yeh kal ki hi toh baat hai”.

We will divert our minds by saying that legends never die. No dought he was a legend and his voice of love remains in this world with us. Krishnakumar Kunnath also known as KK was the most admired singer of the 90s. listening to his songs on loop, lighten my mood.  His songs about love and friendship were on pure emotion.  Like “yarro dosti badi hi hasin hai”.  

Some of his top hit songs are –

Tu hi meri shab hai – Gangster A Love story

O janna – Raaz the mystery continues

Haan tu hai - Jannat

Tujhe sochta hu – Jannat 2

Alvida- Life in a metro

Dil ibadat - Jannat

Beete lamhein – The train

Ankhon mein teri – Om shanti om

Khuda jane – Bachna ae hasino

Mat aazma re – Murder 3

O meri jaan – Life in a metro

Life is so unpredictable. A singing maestro You will be missed!

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