Messi fans in low spirits after his suspension - Read to know more!

Messi fans in low spirits after his suspension - Read to know more!
Lionel Messi suspended for three months.

The Messi fans seem to have blues as the Argentine football star got barred on Friday from playing for his national team for three months. Not only this but he is also fined a sum of $50,000 by the CONMEBOL, the South American soccer governing body. This happened as the result of him criticising the organisation for being corrupt during the latest Copa America.

Argentina was denied two penalty claims in its 2-0 semifinal loss to the hosts, after which Messi claimed Brazil was “managing a lot in CONMEBOL these days.” He even avoided the medal ceremony in protest and later said Argentina “shouldn’t take part in this corruption.” He also said that “Corruption and the referees are preventing people from enjoying the football, and they’re ruining it a bit,”. When asked if he feared being suspended for his comments, he said “the truth needed to be told.”

Messi, as for consequences was given a red card in the match and thus will miss his presence in a handful of upcoming matches. He will not play for Argentina in September against Chile and Mexico, plus another two in October versus Germany and another adversary to be picked. He is also suspended from the first match of the South American World Cup qualifiers next March.




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