Things you should know about ios 14

Things you should know about ios 14
Apple IOs 14 update

IOS 14 Update 


1.)  Emoji Search - The search for an emoji list that waited too long came into play in previous versions but in this Emoji, the search is fast and smart.

2.) Widgets are wonderful-  In this particular list is occupied by widgets as it makes it more convenient to use and more presentable.

3.) App Library -  All app icons are organised by categories such as Entertainment and Creativity. It can be seen on the right side of your last screen/page.

4.) Home screen-    From many years, many users have been waiting for the IOS home screen to improve. Finally, Apple came up with a result, the launch pad-style interface that hides the launcher from which one can search for apps, but Apple went a step further to hide the home screen and add widgets.

5.) IOS 14 privacy-     A step further has been taken by IOS 14, that before the tracking, it should obtain permission from you. Rather, than your exact location, you can choose an approximate location.

6.) IOS 14 Siri - A greater series of questions can be answered by Siri in IOS 14 with the help of the internet and audio messages can be sent by Siri.

7.) IOS 14  -  Messages  Important conversations can be pinned in the Messages App so that the message stays at the top. Also, with an image or an emoji, group chats can be customized.



1.) Downgrading is very difficult -  Updating to IOS 14 tends to be a one-way ticket. We've had enormous reader traffic in the past on our article showing how to downgrade from a new version of iOS to the previous one.

2.) Widgets are weird-     If you're happy with the new layout of your phone don't expect the headaches to end, you'll be amazed how used your brain to get the exact position of every app icon, and how difficult it will find things.

3.) Some apps may not be ready for IOS 14-    As it is a new version so there are chances that some app is not ready for IOS 14 and people to have to wait for it.