If You Are A Design Aspirant, Design Awareness Drive is what you need

 If You Are A Design Aspirant, Design Awareness Drive is what you need

The fashion industry is not only glamorous but also dynamic. Fashion is best defined simply as the style or styles of clothing, footwear, and accessories worn at any given time by any individual or group of people. Apart from the regular engineering and medical studies , the fashion industry is the new trend that is catching up the attention of the youngsters.

So if you are a dreamer and your dream is to become a designer then you need DAD (Design Awareness Drive) to make your dreams come true.  Design Awareness Drive is a community of Design Researchers, Professionals, Graduates, Students who have come together to help the aspirants of designing to give the world a new look through their imagination.This institution was started in 2006 by Mr. Suraj Kumar. He is a Bachelor of Design from NIFT Delhi (2006-10) with 14 years of teaching experience.  He has 10 years of practical industry exposure in the areas of startup, project management, research training, and design consultancy with institutions of national and international repute.  

His institute provides best coachings for NIFT/ NID/ UCEED Entrance Examination in all over India.  ‘DAD THINK LABS’ is India’s first open Innovation and Design Think Tank. It enables the young and fresh minds to connect with their-own ideas, revise, rehearse and present them to the outer world. It is dedicated to promote the main objectives of ‘National Design Policy’ which deals in  promotion of design education and has a check on quality higher education. 

This institution has given so many NIFTians and other designers to the famous designing institutes across India. ‘DAD THINK LABS’ provides the best quality education in both online and offline mediums. They run a YouTube channel which helps the aspirants to continue their preparation even if they are far from the offline classes. DAD THINK LABS have the best mentors to help you in achieving your dream. This institute is present at 25 locations in India with 100+ mentors.

Now comes the question that why is DAD THINK LABS is different from the other institution?

DAD THINK LABS provides you the best education with the best mentors. The speciality of this institution is that they promote quality design education in schools through Design Thinking. They prepare children for designing from the school level i.e. for classes 6 to 12. They believe that if a child wants to be a designer then he/she should be clear and informed about designing from the basic level.   

 The facilities that DAD THINK LABS provide are-

1. Domain specific papers for PG designs and M.DES

2. 24 hours non-stop marathon live on YouTube. This is the only institution in India that teaches  for 24 hours.

3. Test papers are revised as latest patterns every year.

4. There are General Knowledge live sessions every weekend.

5. They provide researched and rehearsed study materials yearly.

6. All classes are uploaded free for students.

7. They conduct NIFT Situation test and NID Studio Test.

8. They also run a 48 hours non stop marathon non stop class with several teachers with small breaks given.

For the batch of 2020-21, total 410 aspirants enrolled for the foundation course, short course, crash course and bullet course. Out of which 320 students qualified for NIFT, 72 for NID and 23 for UCEED +CEED.13 students achieved the position in All India Ranking(2020-21).This means that if you are passionate about your dreams then you can be a topper too. DAD has provided toppers to NIFT, NID and many other fashion institutions. For the current 15 batches of the academic session 2021-22, 500 students have done the enrolment. From the number of enrolments and the rank holders, one can have the idea of the solid preparation that DAD is providing to its students.  

So if you also want to be a successful name in the fashion industry and you are looking for guidance, DAD THINK LABS is a thumbs up for you. 

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