National Farmers Day 2020

National Farmers  Day 2020
National Farmers Day

The National Farmer’s Day also known as Kisan Diwas is a national occasion observed on 23rd December every year. It is celebrated in the honor of the former Prime Minister of India Chaudhary Charan Singh across the nation with great enthusiasm and interest. On this day, several debates, events, seminars, functions, and competitions around agriculture are organized to celebrate the event. KisanDiwas acknowledges the role of farmers in India’s socio-economic development.



Why is it celebrated?

Chaudhary Charan Singh, the Kisan Leader, served the country for a very short period from July 28, 1979, to January 14, 1980. He had introduced several welfare schemes for the farmers and wrote several books on farmers and their problems depicting various solutions to improve the lives of the farmers of the nation. Therefore, the government, in 2001, decided to mark Charan Singh's birth anniversary as KisanDiwas.


Chaudhary Charan Singh followed the famous slogan - "JAI JAWAN JAI KISAN" which was given to the farmers by Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister of India.

What is its significance?

India is primarily the land of villages in which the majority of the population is farmers having agriculture as their main source of income. However, despite being the most prominent means of life for so many people, not many are aware of the problems that farmers face.

People remain ignorant about the necessary information about this sect of the country. Therefore, celebrations work on educating people about these issues, and also focused on empowering the farmers themselves with the latest learnings of the agricultural sector.


-Riya Singh