IAS Results Out! Bihari Daughters Have Made Us Proud.

IAS Results Out! Bihari Daughters Have Made Us Proud.

"The perfect independent girl is someone who can build a successful future with the bricks thrown at her".


Since the last 18 years, the absolute number of women appearing and clearing the IAS examinations has been rising steadily.

The reason behind this is their constant dedication to breakdown the norms in order to step out of the conservative society and achieve their goals relentlessly, which eventually ensures the achievement of gender equality at every aspect of life.

No doubt, there are many inspiring stories behind the women of our country, who left no stone unturned in their way to clear the IAS exam. A very few amongst them are luckily supported by their family, which serve as the backbone and help them reach their destinations, breaking the conventions.

Compared from the year 2001 to 2010, there had been a gradual rise in the number of women candidates appearing and clearing the civil services in India.

In 2001,the number of girls appearing for the UPSC exam was 455 and those clearing out the exams and interviews was 88, which is 2010 rose to 1418 and 203 respectively. This reveals the increment in the awareness, motivation and success of the girls in one decade.

Bihar girls have never left any opportunity to make their dreams come true. In the year 2017, Soumya Jha, a female doctor, got 58th All India Rank in her first attempt.

A total of 759 candidates, including 180 women, have cleared the 2019 UPSC exam.

Moreover, the results declared on 5th April, shows the success of 6 candidates from Bihar, out of which Saloni Khemka (Patna) of Bryn Mawr College secured 27th AIR. In her last year's examination, she left the bus by 1 mark. But this year, she was confident enough to make it work because she was well aware of her capabilities.

Two male candidates, Rishav Mandal (58th rank) and Ayush Nopany (151st rank), from Patna, are in the top-100, including the other 3 toppers from different parts of Bihar. Saurabh Suman Yadav from Nalanda (55th rank), Nityanand Jha from Darbhanga (128th Rank), Gaurav Gunjan from Begusarai (26th Rank).

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