Effective communication skills

Effective communication skills
Effective communication skills

According to research and a few new studies, nearly 65% of people communicate their ideas and views non-verbally. We transmit our ideas and information through words, gestures, and body language subsequently active listening is non-verbal. In these types of communication, gestures are used to share information like facial expressions and hand gestures including written communication. 

Communication is the core skill including itself a wide range of sub-skills. It is essential for everyone at the workplace or gathering where excellencies are. Few important sub-communication skills which can make us better. Written and oral communication - mostly in verbal communication we use words to convey our message or opinion. It may be written or oral also. Good oral communication is when we can speak clearly and concisely without any hesitation and are able to make people understand what the other person is trying to say. 

Effective communication skills are - 

  • Be an active listener

  • Be visual

  • Presentation skill

  • Compassion

  • Be relaxed

  • Self believe

  • Be concrete and clear

  • Non-verbal communication is the key

  • Empathy and mirroring

The conclusion is that communication skill increases the ability to communicate our thoughts, views, and feelings, ideas before people in society in any seminar and workplace.