First Indian origin home Secretary in the Britain cabinet - Priti Patel

First Indian origin home Secretary in the Britain cabinet - Priti Patel
Priti Patel as the first Indian origin home Secretary in Britain cabinet.

Priti Sushil Patel, on Wednesday, grabbed the reins as the first Indian origin home Secretary in the cabinet of newly unveiled prime minister Boris Johnson. Ms Patel had been a prominent member of the ‘Back Boris’ campaign for the Conservative Party leadership

Priti Patel, an ardent Brexiteer who was among the most vocal critics of Theresa May’s Brexit strategy, She has been a champion of India-UK ties since her time as Indian Diaspora Champion. Ms Patel was first elected as a Conservative MP for Witham in Essex in 2010 and gained prominence in the then David Cameron led Tory government as his Indian Diaspora Champion. Further, She went on to be appointed to juniors ministerial posts, Treasury minister in 2014 and then Employment Minister after the 2015 General Election, before Theresa May promoted her to Secretary of State in the Department for International Development (DfID) in 2016 until she was forced to resign the post in 2017 from the government two years ago after it was discovered that she had held secret, unofficial meetings with Israeli ministers.

 “He is committed to securing a new and improved trading relationship with our friends in India and ensuring that the values we share — the rule of law, democracy, and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit should be at the heart of one of our most important partners on the global stage, said Ms Patel about Boris. About the relations of the UK with India, she spoke that –

“This should be a special relationship based upon the living bridge between our two great countries and a partnership we should be nurturing. The report covers many of the missed opportunities where the UK should be proactively and bilaterally enhancing our ties. We are soon to have a new PM in the UK, which will provide a welcome change in how we engage India’s re-elected PM Modi, she said at the time. As a member of the UK Parliament’s influential Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC), released a condemnatory report warning that the UK was falling behind in the race to engage with India at the end of a lengthy Global Britain and India parliamentary inquiry.


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