PM Modi's speech consisted promises for J&k citizens - Read to know more!

PM Modi's speech consisted promises for J&k citizens - Read to know more!
PM Narendra Modi addressing the nation on Kashmir issue.

PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation in a 40 minute speech on Thursday for the first time after the repudiation of article 370. He not only assured the citizens of J&k about relaxation soon but also about the benefits which they can enjoy in the coming days. He spoke about how the abolition will pump development in a lot of sectors be it the travel and tourism or the cinema leading to a better lifestyle for the people residing. He also spoke about the establishment of educational institutions like IIM's, IIT's.His words majorly focused on making the place rid of terrorism and all such disturbing activities, he mentioned how the article was misused earlier by the then governing leaders in their sole benefit. He assured once when the situation would normalise in J&K, it’ll be accorded statehood again, which would have its own elected legislators, ministers and assembly.

Listed below are some of the important points from the prime minister’s speech yesterday –

• “In the last 3 decades, almost 42,000 innocent people lost their lives. This figure would bring tears to anyone’s eyes. The rights enjoyed by the daughters of other regions were not enjoyed by the daughters of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

• “During elections, SC, ST and individuals from other backward communities in other regions enjoyed special benefits but the same did not happen in Jammu and Kashmir. The financial benefits for central government employees, including security forces, like LTC, HRA and more will be provided to those posted in Jammu and Kashmir,

• “J&K and Ladakh have the potential to become the biggest tourist destination in the world. The reforms required for this are being done. I urge the Hindi, Telugu and Tamil film industry to come to J&K for shooting their projects. Sports training, scientific education will help the youth of J&K to showcase their talent across the world,” the PM said

• “Several herbal and organic products with major health benefits are scattered across J&K and Ladakh. If they are identified and marketed in the global market, then it will greatly benefit the people and farmers of these regions. I urge the enterprises from all over India to come forward for this,” he added.

However, Pakistan continues to oppose the abolition done by the Indian government. Pakistan has even stopped the Samjhauta Express just before the Wagah border and asked India to send its own crew to drive it across. According to a Pakistani news channel, the country had suspended Samjhauta Express in protest against India’s move to scrap Article 370. Pakistan took this step without prior knowledge to India.





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