Know Why You Have Been Moody Lately!

Know Why You Have Been Moody Lately!
6 reasons of being grumpy

Is it just me or there are people in your lives too, that make you angry, grumpy, irritated or maybe just hungry? We all have people in our lives that don’t let us breathe. Either they ask silly questions or give unnecessary suggestions, we have faced them all. But wait a second! Is it okay to feel so much of irritation? Is it even normal? An extremely moody person is not someone who is fun to be around. He/ she doesn’t attract positive energy which makes their approach in life a pessimistic one.

Researchers say that there are many reasons why some people are unable to cope up with stress and irritation which others can easily deal with. Not just menstruation, but there are certain things you need to check if you are high on mood swings. Here are 6 reason as to why you are being so moody:

  1. Not getting enough sleep- It’s known! Isn’t it?
  2. Your body isn’t active- We really need to get our things fixed.
  3. Your stomach needs more- Not a lot of junk but yes, a lot of green leafy things that is known as vegetables would serve the purpose.
  4. Your friend circle is full of loners- Haven’t I said already, positive people attract positive energy?
  5. You are high on booze- A prolific drunkard? Not right!
  6. High intake of sugar- Detox from sugar, you’ll do yourself a favour!

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