Dental Comfort Zone - A Centre For Advanced Dentistry In Patna

Dental Comfort Zone - A Centre For Advanced Dentistry  In Patna

“Prevention is always better than cure”, We all have heard this before and it should be strictly implemented in terms of your oral health. Studies have suggested that your oral health is directly linked to your overall health. Your oral well being plays a crucial role in your quality of life as it enables various day to day essential activities like communication, nutrition, taste and all the other social needs like emotional expression, self-esteem and social appearance.  So, a dentist's visit shouldn’t come at the end of the spectrum. It should be an integral part of your health checkup routine. But does going to the dentist scare you? Don’t worry we know the perfect dentist in town if you reside in Patna. Dental Comfort Zone (DCZ) located on Patliputra Road is the perfect place for all your dental needs. A centre for advanced dentistry run by renowned dental professionals including specialized cosmetic surgeons. It has left quite a mark in Patna with its cutting-edge technology and advanced treatments. DCZ has revolutionised how dentists are seen with their comfortable yet highly effective procedures. It is situated at Planco Shanti Awas, Opposite Suraksha Path, Kamini Center on Boring-Patliputra Road. Accessing the clinic is hassle-free for the citizens due to its favourable location which sustains good connectivity throughout Patna. DCZ provides a wide range of dental treatments under one roof with a sterile environment. For instance, smile makeovers, painless extractions,  microscopic root canal treatment, dental implants, pediatric and geriatric dental solutions, and more. It also possesses various high-end dental equipment which isn’t available anywhere else in the city. This dental clinic embodies the essence of customer satisfaction while also being cost-effective. 


Here are some of the notable dental  procedures of Dental Comfort Zone 


  1. Smile makeovers - Dental Comfort Zone excels in Smile designing and makeovers. It is a process which involves enhancing the appearance of a smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, for example, dental veneers, bridges, tooth implants etc. 


  1. Dental Implants - A dental implant surgery includes replacing tooth roots with metal, screwlike posts and substituting damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that appear and function like real ones. DCZ has expertise in delivering the finest dental implant surgeries.


  1. Microscopic root canal treatment - Root canal treatment involves the removal of the infected pulp chamber using a series of instruments. DCZ carries out this procedure by using specialised medical instruments like advanced microscopes and lasers. 


  1. Pediatric & Geriatric dental solutions - DCZ aids all age groups with equal efficiency. It specialises in pediatric & geriatric dentistry along with dental care for pregnant women. 


  1. Painless tooth extraction - Comfort is the topmost priority of DCZ, that’s why tooth extractions are no trouble and as painless as possible. 


Overall, DCZ is a one-stop solution for all your dental needs. They’re making quality oral treatments accessible to the people of Patna. Their sheer dedication and knowledge are the testimony of their extraordinary work and contribution to advanced dentistry.  With thousands of satisfied patients and years of experience, Dental Comfort Zone has proved to be Patna’s finest dental clinic.