A Coffee Drone is the New Technology! Thanks to IBM!

A Coffee Drone is the New Technology! Thanks to IBM!
Need a coffee break but hesitant to ask for a cup? Don’t know if it is the need of caffeine hitting you or the last sleepless night? Your worries end here. The coffee drone will monitor your activities and help you fix the default with a cup of coffee.

IBM has invented a coffee drone that will detect the pupil dilation and facial expression, to judge if you need a cup of coffee right then. This super hit technology can work in an office, cafe or in an event setting. The biometric sensing drones will hover on your heads, but only to give you your dose of caffeine.

The technology works by recognizing the voice or facial expressions and with an electronic tag or Bluetooth from the smartphone, to ensure the coffee gets delivered to the right person. The drone will also analyse a person’s medical background that may have any relevance to caffeine if provided the medical information. It will also assess the sleep quantity, blood pressure and wake-up times via a Fitbit like tracking device.

The IMB’s patent form also includes the possibility of using it in the bars, so as it determines if someone has drunk too much and need some sleep. It will not serve more alcohol to the person even if he/she tries to flag it down. It will also make sure that no minor is being served any kind of alcohol.

Such IMB innovations! Take a bow for this!

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