5 Foreign Words That Sound Rude In English

5 Foreign Words That Sound Rude In English
Foreign languages have always amazed us. We have always fancied learning foreign languages but we end up getting in situations where we get all excited about coming across a seemingly familiar word only to find out that its actual meaning is very different from what we expected. They are called false friends. False friends can also be a source of great amusement. Today we’d look at 5 foreign words that are completely normal in their native language, but sound very rude and funny at the same time, to English ears. And remember, they are used very often in English. Well, we’ll always love foreign languages though. Let’s begin.

1. Biche:

Language: French
Translation: doedoe

2. Phoque:

Language: French
Translation: seal


3. Faca:

Language: Portuguese
Translation: knife


4. Coque:

Language: French
Translation: seashell


5. Dick:

Language: German
Translation: thick, fat


Image source: Google

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