MeroPet - A Complete Solution To All Your Pet Needs

MeroPet - A Complete Solution To All Your Pet Needs

Who doesn’t adore a furry companion? As much as we love them, it is essential to take proper care of our four-legged friends. Keeping a pet comes with various responsibilities. You will have to feed, groom and play with them daily. Moreover, you will also need to tend to their medical needs regularly. Taking care of a pet can be stressful at times. However, if you know some general pet-keeping tips, things will be much easier for you. And, If you’re looking for a place which caters to all your pet's needs, look no further! MeroPet is your answer. MeroPet is a one-stop solution for all your pet keeping requirements if you’re residing in Patna. It is located at Gilani View, Road no. 4A, House no - 172, Patliputra Colony, Beside Chand Memorial Hospital. They offer a variety of services to keep your pet happy and healthy! For example, they have a pet shop, spa/salon, pet clinic, dog hostel, etc. It delivers every possible pet care under one roof. They try their level best to put pets in a loving and caring environment. As a pet owner, you should feel stress-free while visiting MeroPet. 

Pet Care Services Provided by MeroPet 


  1. Pet Shop - MeroPet has a variety of excellent dog and cat breeds. Their pet shop provides the highest quality food products and pet items for your loving pet. They are one of the leading food and accessories suppliers for dogs & cats from Patna as well. 

  2. Spa/Salon - Dog grooming upholds both the hygienic care and cleaning of a pet, a proper trim can enhance your pet's overall appearance. It’ll also control the shedding and keep their coats shinier. MeroPet also provides massages and aromatherapy at their spa. It helps your pet relax and feel comfortable. Mixing massage with a grooming session keeps your pet feel healthy, happy and loved. 

  3. Pet Clinic - MeroPet possesses highly qualified veterinarians to give your pets proper medical care. Also, providing proper pet medicines and supplies to get pets to feel better. They do responsible pet breeding to ensure quality dog breeds/cat breeds. 

  4. Pet Hostel/Resort - If you ever want to go out of town but can’t bring your pet, MeroPet is your solution. They call their pet housing services, dog hostel, dog kennel or dog resort. They make sure that your pet stays comfortable & happy and that you stay stress-free on your trip. 


Overall, MeroPet is your complete solution to all the problems you might face while keeping a pet buddy. So, keep caring for and loving your four-legged friends because pets are family!