Here's the answer to "MELODY'' itni chocolaty kyu hai?

Here's the answer to "MELODY'' itni chocolaty kyu hai?

Ye Melody itni Chocolaty Kyu Hai?

The answer is Melody Khao khud Jaan Jaao.

Noooo...Wait a second, we have got some more details for you. The answer behind this chocolaty nature of melody. 

We were looking for this answer for a very long time, See what we got: 

There are many chocolates available in the market which are sweet and tasty. The ingredients mentioned on the product's wrapper make it easy for the customer to know the amount of sugar in it. But Melody, one of the products of Parle, rather asks a question to us, 'Melody itni chocolaty kyu Hai'? 


Excellent Advertising

Many factors affect the overall performance of the product in the market. But what makes the product stay in the customer's mind for a longer time is how the content or the copy of the product has been put. The customer today is exposed to many media, they watch TV, and they are active on social media also. They go through a lot of advertising daily. The customers will only buy the product if they find the ad useful and interesting. Apart from this, its tagline is also very important for any product. Unless the ad is accompanied by a fun tagline, the product seems incomplete. That is why every company keeps a catchy tagline along with the advertisement to entice the customers.


The Tagline

India's famous multinational food processing company Parle is known for its many amazing food products. It includes biscuits, toffee, and more. One of these products is 'Parle Melody Chocolaty'. This product is also special because its tagline was excellent. In this ad, you read Ye melody itni chocolaty kyu hoti hai? You must have heard the tagline after which they say, ‘Melody Khaao, Khud Jaan Jaao’. Because of this, you must have also bought this toffee at some point or the other.

What is the actual reason?

First of all, it’s the usage of Soy-Lecithin which controls sugar crystallization and the fluidity of the chocolate. It is one of the prominent ingredients of the toffee as listed by Parle. This ingredient plays the most important role in making Melody chocolaty. This not only helps in prolonging the shelf-life of this toffee but also controls its sugar crystallization and liquefaction of the chocolate. Parle company mainly uses the ingredient Soy-Lecithin to make this toffee. 

Soy-Lecithin also helps in preventing 'cocoa butter and cocoa' from separating. The melting point of cocoa butter is around 34-35 °C, which is slightly below the average body temperature. In this way, cocoa butter remains solid at normal room temperature of 23-25°C but melts quickly and easily when put in the mouth. We get this from the inner part of the toffee which is dense and we feel 'chocolate'.

Apart from this, Soy-Lecithin also helps in making the melody solid. When we cut this toffee, we get a solid texture. Melody is also a bi-layered candy with a caramel covering and a chocolate core. It gives us a rich dose of flavonoids as compared to other candies. The antioxidant properties of flavonoids improve cerebral blood flow.

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