Disease is not a barrier.

Disease is not a barrier.


A man in Jharkhand who was seen giving a job interview during a chemotherapy session has inspired thousands of netizens. People like Arsh’s disease are not a barrier to achieving a higher goal and this extremely motivates us.

Arsh Nandan Prasad who has put the badge of ‘open to work’ on LinkedIn shared the struggle of getting a job due to his disease. He further said he doesn’t need sympathy but he wants to prove himself.

Sharing of the picture while giving a job interview on a hospital bed during a chemo session. He added, "When you give your best in the interviews but are not selected for the mere fact that you are going through a rough patch in life certainly shows how generous these companies are."

He further said, "As the recruiters come to know that I'm fighting cancer, I see the change in their expressions. I don't need your sympathy!! I'm here to prove myself."

Arsh posts are motivating themselves. It motivates us that we should not give up easily if we want something passionately. Arsh's post went viral and assembled more than 94,000 likes and over 3,500 comments. Netizens were inspired by Arsh's courage and fighting spirit.

One user said, "This is the fighting spirit. Salute to you." Another wrote, "Sending up prayers of healing for you. I truly admire your tenacity."

The post caught the attention of Nilesh Satpute, the CEO of Maharashtra-based tech company Applied Cloud Computing, who offered Arsh to join the company whenever he wanted to. He also said "Hi Arsh! You are a warrior. Please stop attending interviews during your treatment. I checked your credentials they are very strong. You can join us whenever you want. There will be no interview," Satpute said.