7 Thing You Must Do Everyday

7 Thing You Must Do Everyday
things you must do everyday

Life becomes monotonous. Making it interesting takes a lot of effort. Also, we have to be productive to sustain. So when everything goes wrong, we really need to figure out what is that aspect of life that we are missing? Where are we lagging? Here’s a list of top 7 things that we have to do every day in order to have productive mental health:

  1. Go out in nature-  The more tech-savvy we have become, the more we are losing our mental peace. In order to have a healthy mind and soul, it is important to stick to your roots. Go for a walk or stay at your garden, plant more flowers and you’ll feel magic.

  2. Express gratitude- It’s good to be thankful for the body you have, for the food you eat and everything that others dream of. It’s often said if you don’t express gratitude, things won’t last long.

  3. Read an article- Books are your best friends. They help you when nobody cares about your existence. If not a book, at least read an article every day about the current happenings of the world. You’ll be aware and chances of getting tricked will be less.

  4. Exercise or meditate- Your body needs constant workout like machines need oil. Make sure you don’t end up being rusted. If not a proper workout, try meditating for 10 minutes every day and see the calmness you feel within.

  5. Spend time with family- All of us have a new family. The Instagram fam, the Facebook fam, etc but amidst all these, we are forgetting our real family. Spending some time with them will not only make us more communicative but also help us deal with 80% of the problems we have.

  6. Challenge yourself- The worst thing about us is we know our weaknesses but don’t work enough to get rid of them. Or try to even cope with them. We live with it. Try to do things you think you can’t.

  7. Have a proper sleep- To have a proper sleep is necessary to look good and feel equally good. A sleepy head is not likable by anyone especially when you are unable to focus on what your girl is speaking, if not your teacher.


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