Earth day: there is no planet 'B'

Earth day: there is no planet 'B'

There is no planet ‘B’

Earth day is celebrated since 1970 as an annual event on 22nd April to support for environmental protection. The occasion has played an important role in protecting and conserving our planet. For us as a civilized citizen it is our duty to protect our environment, restore damaged ecosystem and live a more sustainable life. Protecting our environment is responsibility because we human create mess in every form as ocean is filling with plastics more than flora and fauna. Population of trees decreasing and more buildings are being constructed.

Why we celebrate Earth day

Earth day is a global annual event to raise awareness about protecting the mother earth and ways to maintain our natural habitat. The Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and more have been passed because of Earth Day's impact. It is a message for everyone for the reason that increasing of problems like melting glaciers, warming of oceans. Decreasing of forests and wild lives going to extinct on a mass effect and human population is rapidly growing. All these will create big mess in our life if we don’t think about it right now.

Deforestation a major problem

Deforestation is playing a major role in climate change the more trees exist the more human and animals live a better life. On the other hand transportation routes like roads, rails, airports, have been built to move all sorts of goods. Clearing forests is not solution to sustain a life. Scientists estimate that 80% of the planet's terrestrial species live in forests. Deforestation is therefore one of the biggest extinction risks to many species. There are many species which gone extinct like -


Formosan Clouded Leopard,

Paradise Parrot

Hawaiian Crow

Pygmy Raccoon

Sumatran Orangutan

Darwin’s Fox

Javan Rhinoceros


Plastics waste increasing and coral reefs dying

Plastic production will increase by 40% in the next 10 years. And people are deliberately polluting this natural source of water like Seas, Ocean, River, Ponds, and Lakes etc. Coral reefs appear to be particularly vulnerable to plastic pollution. We are more likely to use biodegradable products like paper to use which melts easily and will not harm any animals like plastics do. Plastic pollution is damaging coral reefs therefore they become more vulnerable to illness.


Protecting Mother Earth should be our prime objective because; earth is the only planet where life exists.